ICN-Media Corporate Videos

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While ICN is best known for developing its own digital media portfolio, we have the full range of digital media expertise in-house able to help any business that wants to develop its own range of digital media marketing.

Corporate video is fast becoming the most effective way of advertising. Whether you want to engage employees or convert clicks to customers, our corporate videos help you build your brand and grow your business.

So, what sets ICN-Media apart from the rest?

We have:
  • Expertise of social media marketing via video with knowledge of what is needed within social media video and how to present it.
  • Experience of working with celebrity clients and producing Apps that reflect their personalities and meet their needs.
  • A full service approach: from pre-production through to final editing and animation.

  • We can produce:
  • Video that is current and can be utilised to its full potential through social media and online.
  • Video‚Äôs that can be produced quickly but still to the highest quality.
  • Value for money- but only because this is not our main income, so quality does not get overlooked.